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Faculty member in consultation with student

Faculty and Staff

Attract, retain, and recognize stellar faculty and staff who strive for excellence and proudly embody Volunteer values.

Focus Areas

  • Recruitment and retention of top talent
  • Compensation gaps
  • Excellence and professional development
  • Performance evaluation and management

2020 Goals

  • Narrow faculty and staff salary gaps
  • Maintain ratio of undergraduate students to tenure-line faculty comparable to target peers
  • Increase faculty awards; narrow gap with peers

Faculty Salary Range
2010 Baseline $67K–$108K
2014 Assessment $76K–$130K
2018 Assessment $85K–$144K
2020 Goal Narrow gap with peers1
Ratio of Undergraduate Students to Tenure-Line Faculty
2010 Baseline 20:1
2014 Assessment 19:1
2018 Assessment 19:1
2020 Goal Remain at peer range1
Faculty Awards2
2010 Baseline 10
2014 Assessment 12
2018 Assessment 23
2020 Goal Narrow gap with peers1

1 Gap to peers or peer range refers to UT Knoxville’s performance compared to an average of target peer group.
2 The source and definition for faculty awards data are based on the Center for Measuring University Progress.