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Vol Vision 2020 Process

The Milestone Review Committee established a three-phase process to refresh the strategic plan. Work began in February 2015 with a goal of completion by December 2015.

The first phase was designed to provide campus with a fact-based assessment of progress against goals established in Vol Vision. In addition, the chancellor and provost proposed the following big-picture questions for consideration during the strategic assessment process:

  • How do we increase academic rigor and improve graduation rates in undergraduate education?
  • How do we elevate and increase research, scholarship, and creative activity among our faculty and graduate students?
  • How do we increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students?
  • How do we minimize costs, manage resource trade-offs, and increase efficiency of the university?
  • How do we utilize technology to enhance student learning and student achievement?
  • How do we increase emphasis on globalization and sustainability?

The committee met from February to June 2015 to evaluate accomplishments in the five priorities included in Vol Vision, consider the big-picture questions, and evaluate external trends that may have implications for UT in the future. The committee then summarized its observations in a report to serve as a foundation for campus engagement.

The second phase of the process in fall 2015 focuses on stakeholder engagement as the committee seeks input from the campus community on its recommendations.

In the final phase, the committee will provide UT leadership with its observations and recommendations to help the executive team adopt strategic direction for 2020. The final advisory package will include the committee’s assessment and summary of stakeholder feedback.